Today, St. Mary's, under the energetic administration of the Dominican order since 1886, is a thriving church, the primary Catholic presence in downtown New Haven. St. Mary's Church is recognized as a shrine and birthplace of the Knights of Columbus. As one of its major centennial projects, the Order completely renovated the structure, inside and out.

From 1981 to 1984 the Knights of Columbus worked carefully with Church authorities, architects, engineers, and musical and liturgical specialists to renovate St. Mary's. The entire church was repainted in its original colors. A new rosewood floor imported from Thailand was laid as a complement to the classic organ.

Nave with Stations & Window

Pews were renovated with funds contributed by Knights of Columbus state councils and marked with state and provincial seals. The seals are arranged in the order of state council institution dates. The new floor plan of the church brings the altar and congregation closer together.

Baptismal Fount

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